Top Best High Vedio Editing Apps For Android

     Top Best High Vedio Editing Apps For Android

Top Best High Vedio Editing Apps For Android Free
Top Best High Vedio Editing Apps For Android Free 

Top Best vedio Editing Apss For Android  version  ,we are going to discuss today in our blogs which can edit vedios in android devices .Here is the list of top 3 vedio editing apps for android.

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                       Kinemaster app is the best vedio editing apps of Android in 2018 .Kinemaster apps have high rating and provides quality features with luma key function.With this option and feature's kinemaster app have high rating and no other editing software for android and have this option.The user's are hoping this and other also to be much developed and make much advanced in android app's about features and functions in 2018 .Which supports the green effect functions with double multiple vedio running programme's.The devloper of this apps have provided luma key function in 2017 and now present it's running about various function in 2018.Regarding about price's and features of this apps are listed below.To download the apps click the download botton.


Support multiple choice vedio option with high HD .
Support green effects and other effects too.
Multilayers vedio,images, effects, overlayers .
No watermark on vedio .
Handwriting,  effects download etc.
Variety of themes effects .
Full HD vedio Editing and saving supports.
Support  LUMA KEY functions and many more.
Share on YouTube, Facebook etc.
precise frame by frame trimming .
Speed control of vedio clips .
Insane preview for all edits.


Kinemaster app is a powerful vedio editing app's. Which required to access for your phone's cameras, & microphone to run directly in your smartphone.Kinemaster have a subscription service but you can use in a trial mode and with out subscription's also. If you want to record vedio's and sound directly into your phone storage memory you have do some settings.To save the projects you were editing those vedios project are saved externally in a folder called kinemaster vedio folder..In this trial mode subscription are free to use and one can edit free vedio's without watermark and various quality of service's inside in kinemaster app.

               -ACC                                       -WebP
              -WAV                                      -BMP
              -MP3                                      -JPEG
              -M4A                                      -PNG

2 .PowerDirector

        PowerDirector Vedio Editing android apps is also one of the most comprehensive vedio editor apps in 2017 and in list it comes with second position .It comes with a ton and lots of features, including high effect with editing tools, various function on effect and other tool or even it comes with things like college maker and with slow motion support's.The interface is relatively easy to work with various utilitie's the classic timeline editor method.It should be more and more familiar for those who edit vedio.PowerDirector is free to download and you can download with paid version(pro)also.


3 .FilmoraGo - Vedio Editor

            FilmoraGo is also regarded as a best high quality vedio editing apps of Android .This editor app is powered by Wondershare. It is one of the editor apps of 2017 .The editor have packs with a whallop and you can do the basic like trim, cut,join 2 or more vedio etc.It also includes the ability to play in reverse vedio , square vedio with (1.1) for gif or instragram and for youtube vedio 16.9 specifically. It also has supported for many things slowmotion making vedio , transition,music, overlays etc. It is not half bad for what you get it .You can also make or use with high version and you can also purchase it for pro version and can use with high features. You can download from play store .